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At MEUS Law, we understand the importance of early estate planning for your employees. By offering our tailored estate planning services as a benefit, you’re providing invaluable peace of mind and protection for their families’ futures. Our customizable programs cater to your company’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and a hassle-free experience for both employers and employees. Contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your benefits package with our comprehensive estate planning solutions.

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What sets meus law apart

Small Dedicated Group

Although we are labeled as a "boutique" law firm we think that term sounds stuffy. We are friendly, approachable, and we firmly believe in putting the interests of our clients front and center.

Long Term Experience

Tom Sullivent has been practicing since 1996. We have been in court a lot, and we have seen both the benefits of proper planning and the messes, anger, and sadness due to the failure to plan.

Narrow Area of Focus

We are focused on planning for death, disability, businesses, and asset protection. Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Electric Document Signing

Our clients can easily and securely sign legal documents from anywhere at any time, removing the need for in-person meetings or physically mailing documents.

Based in Tulsa, Serving All of Oklahoma


What is the "Program"?

The Employee Estate Planning Benefit Program is designed as a comprehensive legal service tailored for employees, partners, owners, and directors, focusing on estate planning. We understand the importance of planning for one’s death or disability, and our program aims to provide invaluable support in navigating these critical matters. Through expert guidance and personalized assistance, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their estates, ensuring peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

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What is the cost of the program to the company? + -

There is no cost to the company in presenting The Program to their employees. The company may wish to contribute to all, or some, of their employee’s estate planning but that would be the company’s decision.

What is the cost of the Program to the employee? + -

The employee pays nothing to participate and nothing for the initial consultation, which is free.  If the employee wishes to engage the services of MEUS Law, then the cost of those services is all that will be charged to the employee.

What legal services are being offered by MEUS Law in the Program? + -

Estate Planning services are the focus of The Program. This means planning for one’s death or disability and creating legal documents to choose who and how their money will be managed for themselves if they become disabled and unable to handle their own affairs.  In addition, estate planning should keep their family out of court in the event of their death or disability and may assist in liability protection and tax savings. Our attorneys do other types of law on a daily basis and would be able to assist in other areas if needed, but the focus of this Program is estate planning.

What happens if an employee leaves their employment with the company before they have finished making their payments? + -

The employee has the legal obligation to continue the payments as agreed.  The employer has no obligation to make the payments or pay any deficiency.

Can the employee call the attorney who originally wrote the trust to make changes or amendments? + -

Yes, the employee may call MEUS Law for any amendments or changes or other legal issue they may have, but they are under no obligation to so, and are free to contact any attorney they wish in the future to further assist them.  They are not locked into MEUS Law.

What documents does the employee need to have at the first meeting? + -

Clients are free to bring anything they want to the initial consultation.  But many people think they need to bring their bank statements, taxes, information regarding their 401K or IRAs, property deeds or business incorporation documents.  These documents are not needed in the initial consultation. Ultimately, some of this information will be needed but the attorneys will advise exactly what they need to see if the client wishes to move forward.

How long does the estate planning take? + -

We aim to have final documents ready two weeks from the time we have all the final information from the client.  The last thing we want is for someone to start their estate planning and before it is finished something happens that prevents its completion.  However, it can take longer for a variety of reasons.  In our experience, any shorter and the client may not have sufficient time to ponder decisions they need to make during their planning.    

In emergency situations such as a surgery or nearing vacation, this process can be sped up.

How long is the company obligated to work with MEUS Law? + -

The company may terminate the program at any time. However, if an employee has hired MEUS Law to assist with their estate planning needs and if the company is deducting agreed amounts from the employee’s paycheck, then the payments would need to continue in the agreed upon amounts for the agreed upon term assuming the employee is still in the employ of the company.

Is there a minimum number of employees or dollars of legal services required? + -

No. MEUS Law knows people fail to get their estate planning done because they don’t know who to call, don’t know how much it will cost, are afraid of hidden costs, and expect the process to be lengthy and complicated. Giving people a free consultation where they receive a clear picture of what they need, how much it costs, the process involved and payment terms they can’t find anywhere else, is a big part of why the Program was created.

What is the fee or hourly rate to make changes? + -

Our standard hourly rate is $350/hour. However, program participants will receive services at a reduced rate of $275/hour, so long as they are with a participating company.

Are there a set of questions our employees can review in advance to better prepare themselves to meet with the estate planning attorney? + -

There will be an intake sheet.  Once the employee signs up for the consultation an intake sheet will be sent to them.  After the consultation, and if the employee wishes to have the attorney assist them, the attorney may call them with additional questions or send questions to them by email.

As the sponsoring company, what are the steps we need to take today to sign us up to get started? + -

In the packet there is a sheet titled “Let’s Get Started”. This sheet will be filled out and signed by representative of the company and MEUS Law.


About Meus Law

Here at MEUS Law, we are focused on the client experience.


In developing our processes, we place ourselves in the client’s shoes and ask what we, as a client, would want from our firm. From that point forward, every action we take is centered around that very concept. We believe a client should never be in the dark about their estate planning. For that reason, we have developed seminars, educational experiences, books, and more, to help you understand the process and effectively distribute your estate according to your wishes after you pass.

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How did MEUS Law come up with the Program? + -

MEUS Law built contractual relationships with attorneys all over the US, with most attorneys focusing on estate planning or similar types of law such as probates, guardianships and trust actions.  Our group of attorneys is always growing.  Most attorneys are only licensed to practice in one state although some are licensed to practice in multiple states. We work together to give our clients a seamless legal service no matter what state they live in, move to, have relatives in, or own property.  From our first-hand knowledge, we know the benefits of estate planning, and after seeing the advantages of our group and its abilities, we decided to create The Program.    

How is MEUS Law different from other companies offering legal services to employees? + -

MEUS Law is a law firm and we give legal advice.  Many companies who offer pre-paid legal services to employees are actually not law firms at all but rely solely on the individual lawyers who sign up for their business model.  Though this sounds like a benefit to an employee – they often end up paying the same amount for estate planning services had they just hired an attorney for that issue.  MEUS Law attorneys do not pay to be a part of MEUS Law Group.  We work together to learn from each other and work together for the betterment of our clients.

How is MEUS Law different than other Law firms? + -

We are not aware of any other law firm, anywhere, who has our type of structure.  Before long, we will likely have over 200 attorneys in our group.  We will have an attorney in every city of substantial size and in areas where attorneys are scarce. Our model is built on the principles of fairness, helping clients, and helping each other at the same time.

How is MEUS Law’s pricing different from other law firms or companies? + -

MEUS Law set its pricing after doing independent research on the real final amounts people pay for their estate planning and getting detailed information from our attorneys across the US. We established various averages, reduced the pricing slightly, and added the benefit of paying for the services over a period of months interest free.

Many of our attorneys have participated at one time or another with the various groups who offer pre-paid legal services to employees. Some employee/clients thought they were going to pay less than what they ultimately paid, or the employee/client received something less than what they needed.  We don’t offer a 20% reduction on legal services and fail to discuss what the rate being reduced actually is.  Doing this, like legal services do, leaves it open for their participating attorney to say the normal hourly rate is higher than it really is, so the discount ends up being no discount at all. We want everything to be up front and clear.  Nothing hidden.  Clients know what they are paying and aren’t zinged with extra costs halfway through or at the end. And what they get is excellent legal advice from experienced attorneys.  In addition, any attorney in our group who meets a client who has issues beyond the attorney’s ability has a whole group of attorneys to get advice and guidance.  We take our work and representation of clients seriously.

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