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Employee Estate Planning Benefit Program

We understand many people believe they should wait until they retire before they think about estate planning. This is incorrect. One of the most important times to address estate planning is as soon as you have a child, but regardless, many people wait. As a result, families are often frustrated to learn they will have to be involved in a probate process – requiring them to hire an attorney, go to court, and possibly have a less than pleasant experience with their family members. This has led us to partner with employers to assist people in getting their estate planning done prior to retirement.


If you are an employer who thinks you would like to offer this service to your employees, please contact us. Our programs are custom tailored between each individual employer and our law firm and may vary based on the location of the employees, if they will be coming into our office or if we will meet them offsite, if the employer wishes to provide an office space for the meetings, whether the employees agreeable to signing electronically, the number of employees involved, whether the employer wishes to contribute to some portion of the cost associated with the employee’s planning, and other factors.


One thing that remains consistent in all arrangements is that we do not charge the employer to offer the program to their employees, nor do we charge the employees an entry fee or annual fee. The only cost would be associated directly with the planning that is offered and the price is offered at a reduced rate from our normal pricing.

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Charity Assistance

Many of our clients are charitable and we want to be charitable as well. One way we do this is through pro bono legal work, which all attorneys are encouraged to do. Since we do estate planning as a large portion of our business, we have found other ways to assist charities and non-profits. From time to time, we will donate an estate planning package to an organization that may be holding an auction, thereby allowing people to bid on it where the organization will receive the income and we do the estate planning for free.

On occasion, we set a day aside and donate all income from our estate planning work to a particular charity or non-profit. We will publicize these dates and highlight the organization we will be supporting on our website as well as our blog. These spaces will be limited, but if you find the organization we wish to support is also something you would also like to support, we encourage you to sign up for that day. The amount you pay would be the same but all proceeds will be donated to that organization.


We have done many seminars for a variety of groups, banks, financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, churches, charities, and non-profits. We enjoy doing these and we take these seminars seriously. We treat them as an educational event and really try to explain what estate planning is, who needs it, how it works, and how an attorney decides what type of planning a person should do. The seminars are available live and virtually. We will advertise any seminars that are open to the public on our blog.

In addition, we have done seminars for charities and non-profit members and supporters explaining how someone can give to these organizations during their life and upon their death and giving the charity an opportunity to explain what they need and how that support is used.

If you have a group that would like to host a seminar, please let us know.

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