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Employee Estate Planning Benefit Program

Unlock the key to comprehensive estate planning for your employees with the MEUS Law Employee Estate Planning Benefit Program. Our specialized program is designed to provide invaluable legal services tailored to employees, partners, owners, and directors, centered around estate planning.


Explore how “The Program” at MEUS Law can benefit your organization and your employees today.

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Charity Assistance

At MEUS Law, giving back is a core part of our values. Through pro bono legal work, we actively support charitable causes, ensuring access to justice for all. As estate planning forms a significant part of our practice, we extend our assistance to charities and non-profits in various ways.


We occasionally donate estate planning packages to organizations for fundraising auctions, enabling them to generate revenue while we provide our services free of charge. Additionally, we designate specific days where all proceeds from our estate planning work go directly to a chosen charity or non-profit.


Keep an eye on our social channels and the MEUS Law blog for announcements about these special events. If you share our commitment to supporting worthy causes, consider scheduling your estate planning on these dedicated days, knowing that your contribution will make a meaningful difference.


At MEUS Law, we’re passionate about educating our community on estate planning essentials, from understanding its significance to determining the appropriate strategies for individuals. Our seminars, available both live and virtually, provide valuable insights into planning for the future. We have done many seminars for a variety of groups, banks, financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, churches, charities, and non-profits. Additionally, we offer specialized sessions for charities and non-profits, empowering donors to support causes they care about.


We will advertise any seminars that are open to the public on our blog. If you’re interested in hosting a seminar for your group, reach out to us today. Let’s empower the community with knowledge and understanding.

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