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Simply put, Probate is the court process required to get the assets of a deceased person over to their legal heirs. Fortunately, Probate is completely unnecessary when thorough Estate Planning is done. The methods utilized by Sullivent Law Firm are specifically designed to keep families from having to go to court when a loved one dies. However, if probate is necessary because someone passed without estate planning or their planning was not designed to avoid probate, our law firm is ready and willing to assist those families in navigating the probate process. If a probate is necessary, Sullivent Law Firm will provide you with the representation you and your family need every step of the way. Let Sullivent Law Firm go to work for you today.

Issues at Passing Probate
Probate - Involving Only Personal Property

To qualify for this price bracket the probate must: Be Uncontested, Be In Tulsa County, Involve Only Personal Property, and if it becomes contested, the price moves to an hourly rate.

Probate - Involving Personal Property & Real Estate

To qualify for this price bracket the probate must: Be Uncontested, Be In Tulsa County, and if the probate becomes contested, the price moves to an hourly rate.

Life Insurance and Retirement Account Disputes

On occasion a someone may find themself unable to collect their rightful benefits from life insurance or as a beneficiary on certain retirement accounts or pensions. This can occur for a number of reasons. Often, either another person has demanded that they are the rightful beneficiary, the company has failed to maintain the proper records indicating who the rightful beneficiaries are, the beneficiary designation has some adverse interaction with state or federal law. If you believe that you are entitled to these types of benefits but have been told that you are not, please contact us. Time is of the essence in these situations, so please do not hesitate to call in these circumstances - the passing of time can impact your rights if the benefits have been paid out. Early intervention and requesting that the proceeds not be distributed can greatly impact the likelihood of success in these cases.

Real Estate and Other Titled Assets

Many people discover a probate is necessary when they attempt to transfer real estate or other titled assets such as cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. Real estate in particular poses its own set of challenges, particularly if the property is located in a different state. If the decedent did not do any estate planning, or the property needed to be transferred through a will, then there would most likely be a probate in the state in which the decedent resided and an additional probate in any other state(s) in which the decedent owned real estate. Many times, the land has a high value and may have expensive structures built on it. Sometimes deeds have been signed by the decedent but were not filed until after their passing. This can lead to confusion and sometimes arguments. Sometimes the deeds may convey the property in a way different than the family expects. For example - the property may have multiple owners listed and the family thinks that when one of them dies the others own it, but based on the language of the deed that is not the case. That property has to be probated even though the other owners are still alive. There are a lot of rules and laws associated with real estate and there are many things that govern how a property is owned and transferred that people are not aware of. If you have any issues involving real estate and other titled assets following the passing of someone or even prior to their passing or during their disability, please contact us.

Uncontested probates that occur outside of Tulsa County are priced the same as those that fall within Tulsa county plus a travel fee (hourly plus expenses). If the probate becomes contested, the price will be adjusted to an hourly rate.
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