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estate planning OwassoHere at Sullivent Law Firm, we are focused on the client experience.

In developing our processes, we place ourselves in the client’s shoes and ask what we, as a client, would want from our firm. From that point forward, every action we take is centered around that very concept. We believe a client should never be in the dark about their estate planning. For that reason, we have developed seminars, educational experiences, books, and more, to help you understand the process and effectively distribute your estate according to your wishes after you pass.

At Sullivent Law Firm, we have simplified the Estate Planning Process – eliminating the uncertainty and the stress that comes along with it. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a clear, efficient process where you not only understand your plan but leave with a plan that will withstand the test of time.

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Estate Planning Attorney We are a small team, but we are a team. Standalone attorneys get overwhelmed, go on vacation or get sick. If that happens, their system breaks down. Large firms just have too much overhead and charge too much. We feel like our team is the right balance, experienced and efficient, allowing us to keep our prices lower even though our services are superior.

While a significant part of estate planning involves planning for one’s death, which could involve a will, a trust, or some other method to assist in the transfer of their assets after their death, It also consists of planning for disability. Planning for disability can be as simple as determining who would assist you in the event you become disabled and how you would be assisted but can also be much more complex and involves planning such as Medicaid planning, which involves finding ways to preserve your assets in the event you have to go to assisted living or some form of long-term care.

The person assisting you with the planning needs to not only be somewhat experienced In this type of planning but experienced in what happens if the planning is not done. For example, the various types of court proceedings and experience with the government organizations that could be involved. The planning is done to help people and their families avoid these court hearings and any difficulties associated with government organizations.

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